Troy Ott System of Sale (TOSS) – Want to Sell Your House, today?


1toss  verb \ˈtȯs, ˈtäs\

: to throw (something) with a quick, light motion

: to move or lift (something, such as a part of your body) quickly or suddenly


If you’ve been let down by the traditional real estate process, we can help.  We specialize in the properties and processes that allow real estate to be effectively and efficiently distributed from those folks who no longer want the property, to those who do.  Sounds simple, right?!?

Well for the traditional real estate broker at the traditional real estate firm, it ain’t so simple.


First of all, big real estate firms typically have a certain mind set.  They focus on “distribution” of real estate.  Think of them like Wal-Mart.  They have a certain formula of what works for them.  And, let me be the first to say (I worked for and was a top producer at two major national franchises for years), these firms are typically very good at this type of transaction because they do a great many of them.

But, throw a couple a variables in their equation:  Maybe you have a unique property (the highest or lowest price in neighborhood), maybe your credit isn’t perfect, or maybe you’re property has been vacant for an extended period of time.  Now, the normal real estate broker equations or cookie cutter methods just don’t work.

What now?

Have You Heard of the a Real Estate Flip?  What about a TOSS?

Property Owners:  Owner Financed Real Estate Columbia SC

Ok.  I know you may not want to consider Owner Financing.  I get it.  Everyone has heard some story of how someone didn’t pay them or damaged their property, etc….  However, there is another story out there as well.  If you listen, especially in today’s market, you will hear this one also, more and more often.  It is the story of property damage caused by a home vacant on the market for months, if not years.  It is the story of financial damage caused by downward pricing revisions by a real estate broker who didn’t quite understand the market.

But, there are other stories out there also.  How about this one (names are changed)…

Mr. Jones had a home he could not sell for over 2 years, he listed with many agents and none could help him, ultimately he tried selling it himself even offering to owner finance for a potential buyer and nothing worked. He was asking $150,000 for his home.  I met with him and within two weeks brought him a lease purchase buyer who paid full price for his home, bought the home as is, paid all his own closing costs and moved into the home immediately paying Mr. Jones mortgage until I was able to do credit repair getting his score to 640 and then he closed on the home within one year and everyone is ecstatic.

Think about the alternative.  Supposed the house would have sat there 1 year unoccupied.  Would the property have been damaged?  Could a buyer have been found within the year?  These are just a few of the questions we consider at Troy Ott Real Estate.

Here another true story…

Moses Smith a retired combat veteran had rented homes his entire life, after remarrying at age 55 and having a child, he realized he was not building any wealth by not owning real property which he could leave to his new son upon his demise.  He called me looking for an opportunity. Even though he had poor credit (580 score) , I found the perfect home for him doing a lease purchase.  In less than a year after helping him rebuild his credit, he has closed on his dream home for $175,000.  He and his family could not be happier.

These are a few of the many Real Estate TOSSes at our firm.  If you’re a seller with that property that presents challenges for the “average real estate broker” at the “normal firm,”  you should contact us immediately.

Maybe the answer for you isn’t owner financing, lease purchase, or a lower price;  but, one thing is for sure.  We can carefully assess your situation.  Analyze why your current plan isn’t working and present you with options, plain and simple.

1toss  verb \ˈtȯs, ˈtäs\

: to throw (something) with a quick, light motion

So, if your real estate transaction has become a heavy burden, if its become extended, complex and you simply don’t know if you’ll ever get your desired result, let us make it quick and light for you.

Our firm has the unique ability to represent you like no one else can.  Give us an opportunity.  You’ll be glad you did!